HR Starter Program

 The HR Starter program aims to actively recruit and and guide young professionals into the HR Profession. The premise is that the more the population of real HR professionals we have in the country, the better the practice environment, and thus the performance of organizations, which in turn affects our country’s GDP and other economic indices. The program has 3 core components of

  • Education– Getting HR Professionals to have the right academic and professional qualifications to position them to best practice cutting-edge HR. The SHRM Forum will borrow a leaf from the SHRM University program and look for partner academic institutions in the 3 Geo political zones with which we can work & start building curriculum that produces global class HR professionals
  • Coaching & Mentoring– Providing guidance and counseling as these professionals journey on the career. We will leverage the best of the NOVA/Dulles SHRM Mentoring Program (see attached document) to fully implement this locally. 
  • Work Experience Opportunities– Providing the right opportunities for those who wish to start but lack experience in-order to get them over the “cognate/prior experience” hurdle.