Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about SHRM NIgeria Forum. If you need specific help or

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All over the world when you join SHRM Global, you are expected to join a local chapter for full membership. This is what obtains in the US today because the local chapter allows you to enjoy so many other benefits and be more active than just the Global membership. Together they complement each other.
Just Add hello@shrmnigeria to your safe list because Most times emails sent from SHRM end up in SPAM or junk mail folders, are blocked by mail servers. You Sometimes it is as simple as people changing emails and not updating the one in the SHRM system. If you want to start or continue receiving emails just can also drop your name at the registration desk and we will take it from there.
Just contact SHRM member care online and give them your last name. And they will send an email to you with the actual member number.
No, you do not need to be certified to be a member of SHRM Nigeria. All you need to do is to have your Global Membership and SHRM Nigeria membership renewed & current at all times.
You can volunteer online by visiting, fill out a volunteer form, indicating your SHRM Member number, then join the work group meetings and attend the monthly volunteer meetings.
<ul><li>Register with SHRM Global and pay your dues promptly </li><li>Register with SHRM Nigeria and pay your dues promptly</li><li>Sign the Pledge form, copies are available today and you can sign/drop them now</li><li>This completes the process.</li></ul>
<ul><li>You can donate, host our events in your office if you have big meeting rooms, help us do fund raise.</li><li>The principal thing is to volunteer and take active part in the regular activities of the group</li></ul>
<ul><li>Yes, under a special arrangement by the SHRM Nigeria leadership team.</li><li>You can renew both memberships cost $100 each, and you can pay the naira equivalent to the SHRM Forum's designated accounts</li><li>However to enjoy renewing through the SHRM Nigeria arrangement, you will need to be renewing both memberships at the same time.</li></ul>
<h5>SHRM Nigeria Officers and Trustees.</h5> <p>The following are the serving officers of SHRM Nigeria and :</p> <ul><li>Oliver Nnona: Country Lead & Chairman of Board of Trustees</li><li>Dele Aloko: Vice President & Trustee</li><li>Winifred Mena-Ajakpovi: Executive Director</li><li>Femi Akande: Financial Secretary</li><li>Arinola David: Welfare I</li><li>Greg Amaiwhe: General Secretary</li><li>Ify Idegwu as Welfare II</li><li>Adora Ikuwemesi : Trustee</li><li>Kester Akpati: Trustee</li></ul>
To volunteer and serve fully you need to have both SHRM Global and SHRM local memberships current at all times.