Program Overview:​

Talent is the largest, most significant, ongoing investment made by successful organizations. However, most people decisions are made based on intuition and instinct. With the amount of information available in today’s workplaces, HR professionals are now able to leverage people-related data and analytics to drive business decisions and make data-based recommendations. By earning a SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential, HR professionals can begin their journey into the field of people analytics, investigate relevant, real-world business issues, and effectively communicate data-supported findings.

Intended Audience: Individuals interested in earning a specialty credential that demonstrates foundational knowledge in the People Analytics landscape.


Attention SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential holders!
The 22 PDCs that you earn toward recertification when pursuing your SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential will auto populate in your SHRM certification profile.

How to earn your SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential:


First Step

Purchase the SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential package, which includes: Pre-seminar access to the People Analytics: Foundational Data Literacy eLearning module (to be completed before the People Analytics seminar). Enrollment in the People Analytics: Taking Data-Driven Action Educational Program Two additional comprehensive SHRM eLearning courses on People Analytics: People Analytics: The Metrics Behind People Analytics People Analytics: Analyzing People Data Pass a 50-question online people analytics knowledge assessment.


Second Step

After passing the assessment, add your Specialty Credential to your resume, e-mail signatures and social media profiles, proving your talent acquisition expertise to your employer and your network.


Third Step

You do not have to be SHRM-certified to earn the SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential; however, you will receive 22 PDCs toward your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP recertification for current SHRM certificate holders upon completion of the Specialty Credential Package.

SHRM Testimonials

Percy Dangerfield
This certification allows me in my position to really be a strategic HR thinker. That has really helped me in my career moving forward because I’m able to look at the big picture and understand what it takes to really move the organisation forward.
Dannielle Bounds
The SHRM certification has impacted me on a daily basis. Things like interaction with my staff, interactions with management and my company, as-well as the way that I’m thinking about handling HR related topics and situations that come up.
Qualan Jefferson
I decided to get my SHRM certification because I knew it would help set me apart and the SHRM-CP has definitely brought that.
Tyler Duncan
After taking the SHRM-CP exam, and passing on my first try, it elevated my career to levels I never thought it would.