SHRM Nigeria embodies the collective of HR practitioners actively engaged in Nigeria’s vibrant professional landscape and holding membership with the esteemed Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

SHRM Global e-Membership

Whether you’re looking to serve your organization, excel in your career or both, our membership options are customized for your exact needs and designed to grow with you as they change.  
SHRM remains committed to providing an array of innovative resources, events and networking opportunities, as well as offering the world’s best HR certifications, the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.
The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications measure your ability to apply HR principles to real-life situations.
Be part of a powerful HR network with 340,000+ professionals like you, all united in the mission to create an environment of work for all.

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Student Membership

Discover the boundless possibilities encapsulated within SHRM Student Membership, igniting a profound transformation journey towards realising your Human Resources aspirations. Far beyond a simple association, SHRM Student Membership stands as a strategic investment in the forthcoming accomplishments that await you in the dynamic landscape of HR. Crafted with precision for students actively pursuing educational endeavours, this membership unveils a treasure trove of indispensable resources curated to catalyse your advancement in the HR domain. Keep pace with the ever-evolving trends and advancements within the industry, while simultaneously honing your skills and expanding your expertise through access to a range of cutting-edge insights and industry-leading best practices. Engage in a comprehensive experience that not only equips you for the challenges ahead but also nurtures your growth and proficiency in the multifaceted realm of Human Resources.

Benefits of SHRM Membership

SHRM International Forum

SHRM International Forums are a great way to bring member benefits to SHRM Members working as part of a community outside the continental US.

SHRM encourages members to register with the SHRM Global membership and at the same time be part of chapters and Forums in order to enjoy the many activities forums run in the course of each year. Being a member of SHRM Global does not automatically make you a member of the local SHRM Forum in your state or country.

Our members must first join SHRM and then register with the local Forum. Continuing participation in the SHRM Member Forum is contingent on each SHRM maintaining active paid membership in SHRM Global. If my SHRM Global membership lapses, members may lose the privilege of participating in local SHRM Member Forum events until such time as my membership has been renewed.

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