About Us

SHRM Nigeria embodies the collective of HR practitioners actively engaged in Nigeria’s vibrant professional landscape and holding membership with the esteemed Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Who we are

Operating under the esteemed SHRM license, the Nigerian chapter stands as a staunch supporter and aligner with the global society’s mission, dedicated to catering to the diverse needs of HR professionals while championing the continuous advancement and advocacy of the HR profession locally. SHRM stands as a dynamic force propelled by its members, dedicated to fostering enriched workplaces where individuals and businesses flourish harmoniously. Positioned as the pinnacle authority in the realm of work-related affairs, SHRM serves as the preeminent expert, diligent researcher, passionate advocate, and visionary thought leader on matters and advancements shaping the contemporary workplace landscape. With an extensive membership base boasting nearly 340,000 individuals spanning 180 countries, SHRM’s impact reverberates globally, touching the lives of over 362 million workers and their families. Through its multifaceted initiatives and unwavering commitment, SHRM endeavors to pave the way for a future where work environments are not just functional spaces but thriving ecosystems fostering growth, fulfilment, and prosperity for all stakeholders involved

What We Stand For

SHRM Nigeria has four cardinal areas of focus that drive our engagement with our constituencies and stakeholders.

Member-Benefits Local

  • Deliver more benefits to our members
  • Help them succeed professionally
  • Grow the impact of community
  • Make the network stronger and more valuable to each Member


  • Promote data-based decision making for the practice of HR
  • Sponsor research and broaden the menu of publicly available data on common HR areas
  • Advance the HR STANDARDS Project (Go Mainstream with approved standards)
  • Adapt & Localize popular global research subjects/topics
  • HR Salary Survey
  • HR Education Survey

HR Education

  • Tertiary Education
    Curriculum Development
  • HR Education University Partnerships
  • HR Professional Certification Standards
  • Public Sensitization


  • Engagement with stakeholders like NECA, ITF, CMD, the NLC, the CIPMN, etc.
  • Corporate Outreach Programs
  • Parliamentary Lobby for upgrade of existing laws & new legislation
  • Public Sensitization

Frequently Asked Questions About SHRM Nigeria

Get answers to your questions about SHRM membership.

Go to - https://www.shrm.org/about-shrm/Pages/membership-b.aspx , Select 'SHRM Global Online Membership' , Follow the prompts and complete the transaction with your card details
Fill out the registration form and make payment at the designated bank accounts. You will then start enjoying your benefits.
To join a delegation to the Annual SHRM Conference in the United States of America, you will need to register through the delegation coordinators in our local secretariat. You can also obtain our special delegation code and use it to register in order to obtain the discounts and other benefits.
Take advantage of recertification credit earning events and activities like the SHRM annual conference, once you attend you will receive the code for each event that will allow you to apply each credit towards your recertification account.
Enter your email in the ‘subscribe’ field on our home page or other parts of our website or simply fill out this form to subscribe to events and our newsletter
Just contact SHRM member care online and give them your last name. And they will send an email to you with the actual member number. Alternatively, go to - https://www.shrm.org/about-shrm/Pages/membership-b.aspx Enter your surname and email in the email field and follow the prompts to recover your membership number. Make sure to enter the email address that you used to register.
No, you do not need to be certified to be a member of SHRM Nigeria. All you need to do is to have your Global Membership and SHRM Nigeria membership renewed & current at all times.
You can volunteer online by visiting shrmnigeria.org, fill out a form, indicating your SHRM Member number, ‘Volunteer’ option from the drop-down menu, then we will contact you to complete the process
To be a member of SHRM Nigeria you need to first have a valid membership of the SHRM US Global body (register or renew at www.shrm.org). Once you are a member of SHRM you can then apply to join SHRM Nigeria. Always have your Global Membership and SHRM Nigeria membership renewed & current.
You can join our advocacy group and support the work through your donations and sponsorships.
In certain circumstances the local SHRM Community supports each other through the secretariat to pay the foreign elements of membership fees. You can contact us using this form if you need such assistance.
You can find a list of the officers and members of the board of trustees of SHRM Nigeria here.
At this time only bona fide members of SHRM and SHRM Nigeria can volunteer.

You owe it to your organization...
And to yourself.

If you need to have access to industry best practices, sample forms, policies and general HR information, timely legislative updates and the ability to ask specific HR questions, then SHRM Membership is for you!

SHRM Structure

SHRM Nigeria is a registered trustee with a board and management team, supported by committees staffed and powered by volunteers.

As a fully licensed SHRM affiliate body, SHRM Nigeria has its own dues structures, bylaws and application processes. Membership in a SHRM local chapter is separate and apart from membership in SHRM. We encourage you to become a member of both

Thought Leader

SHRM is a thought leader on issues and innovations impacting today’s evolving workplaces.


As the trusted authority on all things work, SHRM is the foremost expert on workplace challenges.


Unlock your organization’s full potential with human-centric, customizable solutions.


SHRM is a member-driven catalyst for creating better workplaces where people and businesses thrive together.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Oliver Nnona

Country Lead & Chairman of Board of Trustees

Dele Aloko

Vice President & Trustee

Winifred Mena-Ajakpovi

Executive Director

Femi Akande

Financial Secretary

Adora Ikuwemesi


Victor Awoniyi

General Secretary

Arinola David

Welfare I

Carol Olayi

Welfare II