SHRM Nigeria

Access HR Certification

This program is designed to help SHM members gain the much coveted SHRM HR Certification credentials. Our aim is to reduce, if not remove entirely, all the barriers to getting the right HR Certification for candidates in Nigeria. Typical challenges are often in 3 areas

  • Financial
  • Preparation Support
  • Maintaining Earned Status

Working with SHRM and authorized SHRM Education Partners here’s how we have successfully tackled and continue to support our members to grow professionally.


Grants & Scholarships – SHRM Nigeria has successfully helped our members apply for and win full or partial SHRM scholarships to aid the acquisition of HR Certification, under the SHRM Foundation awards. Here’s some more info on how to take advantage of this scholarship-
SHRM Foundation awards, Read about past winners

Payment for Tutorial and materials in Installments

We have secured the commitment of the SHRM Education partner for Nigeria to offer installment payment for our members seeking to earn the SHRM HR Certification credentials. If you’d like to receive additional information on installment payment options available in Nigeria please click here.

Maintaining Earned Status

SHRM Nigeria now offers a full calendar of activities most of which qualify for the award of Professional Development Credits which can be used towards SHRM Recertification. Click here to view the calendar of upcoming events you can take advantage of as such.