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SHRM International Forums are a great way to bring member benefits to SHRM Members working as part of a community outside the continental US.

SHRM encourages members to register with the SHRM Global membership and at the same time be part of chapters and Forums in order to enjoy the many activities forums run in the course of each year. Being a member of SHRM Global does not automatically make you a member of the local SHRM Forum in your state or country.

Our members must first join SHRM and then register with the local Forum. Continuing participation in the SHRM Member Forum is contingent on each SHRM maintaining active paid membership in SHRM Global. If my SHRM Global membership lapses, members may lose the privilege of participating in local SHRM Member Forum events until such time as my membership has been renewed.

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I hereby apply for membership in the Society for Human Resource Management Nigeria Forum and agree to pay the current applicable membership dues. I will abide by the SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management.


I confirm that I am voluntarily joining the "SHRM Member Forum" in Nigeria and acknowledge that:

The purpose of the "SHRM Member Forum" is to provide professional and peer networking opportunities with fellow SHRM members

Networking will consist of a minimum of four events per year(one per quarter), at least one of which will be an in-person gathering; a combination of in-person and other forms of meeting,such as teleconferences, webcasts or other electronic meetings, may also occur.

A one-year license, renewable upon approval from SHRM, will be provided to the "SHRM Member Forum" to allow use of the SHRM name and logo in convening meetings, and the SHRM name and logo will not be used for any activities other than those of the "SHRM Member Forum".

I will not attempt at any time to register as a trademark any of the licensed SHRM trademarks.

Approval of the "SHRM Member Forum" may be terminated earlier and at any time by SHRM if in its opinion the use of the trademarks by the Member Forum is contrary to the best interests of SHRM.

Whenever a new individual joins this "SHRM Member Forum" the Volunteer Coordinator of the Member Forum will require that individual to sign this same pledge, retain the original in its local files and send a copy to SHRM (International Programs Department).

I understand that I will be required to reaffirm my participation in the "SHRM Member Forum" annually with submission of a pledge form signed and dated once each year.

Continuing participation in the "SHRM Member Forum" is contingent on my maintaining active, paid membership in SHRM. If my SHRM membership lapses, I acknowledge that I can be denied participation in local "SHRM Member Forum" events until such time asmy membership has been renewed.

I have accessed, read and agree to the commitments and obligations of being a human resources professional as articulated in the SHRM Code of Ethics

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